Our life goes by fast and our memories blur over the years.

We only have one life, but thousands of memories. The passage of time is relentless.

Start organizing your memories now.

Throughout your life you will take thousands of photos, videos and memories.

Are you going to let them be forgotten?

Build a treasure for your next generations.

We offer you a virtual space to order and safely store your best moments.

Start creating your memories with Vitalbook. Keep them alive for the next generation.

Don't let your memories get lost when you are gone!


Share all the stories that have marked your life with your loved ones.

Your experience towards them is a value that can remain forever.

To be able to leave your "vital legacy" so that you will be remembered forever.

Images, documents, videos, personalized messages ... Vitalbook will be your digital Diary.

Vitalbook will also be the space to store relevant information for you and yours. Last wills, testament ... everything you consider important for the future.

How are we going to help you?

Sign up free. We will not ask you for any bank information.

Create your family tree and your albums with photos and texts. Explain the memories of your life (you can create as many as you want)

Save and / or create your most important documents Easy, safe and fast. You can have all your documentation in order.

Choose an heir (Vitalangel) for all or for each of your Vitalbooks (you can modify it whenever you want)


What are you going to get?

Have all your memories and vital documents in one place and be able to choose an heir for each of them.

Explain in first person who you are, what makes you special and how you want to be remembered.

All the information you have will be ordered: images, documents ... Everything at a single click.

Your data is safe, your memories will be encrypted so that nobody, except who you choose, can decide what to do.


Start creating your own virtual space and save the most important thing in your life with us, your memories.

Do you join Vitalbook?

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Fill out this form and start enjoying VItalbook.

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